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What Age is Online Gaming Appropriate For?

Online gaming is quite popular among young people. Over the years, it has made an entry into the education sector as more developers are now making educational games. One of the most asked questions is always around what age online gaming is appropriate. The debate has been raging, and a lot of research has been done on the topic.

alex haney lfQyS TnqEg unsplash - What Age is Online Gaming Appropriate For?

Age and Online Games

Children can be exposed to online games under supervision from as early as three years old. The important thing is that the games should be appropriate for their age. The people who introduce them to the games should also adhere to a strict limitation on screen times. The younger the children are, the more they should be kept away from the screens for long periods so as to not develop health complications or an over-dependency on the gaming devices.

The children can learn arithmetic, languages, and proper coordination skills at a younger age by playing the games. The older they get, the more advanced their needs become. Preteens and teenagers should be blocked from any gaming company that requires them to enter their private information or details that can put them in danger.

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