The Best Online Games To Play

Bonding with family and friends is now made easy with a variety of online games that can be played from anywhere, anytime. Games help in developing kids brain and intelligence. Here are some of the best online games to play.

Apex Legends

This game involves a squad of fighters who land on an island and fight with the aim of defeating the other players in combat. One unique feature of this game is the shrinking play area on the island. The players are, therefore, forced to shoot as they keep moving lest they find themselves in an unsafe territory.

apex legends 1 - The Best Online Games To Play

Online Paintball

The game involves shooting opponents with paintballs rather than bullets. Characters in this game are varied, and so are the weapons. You can choose to be the good guy or a bad guy. Weapons at your disposal include a grenade, machine gun or a pistol. In any case, you need to be focused, so the enemy doesn’t shoot you down. It is a very enjoyable and engaging game.


This online shooting game features two teams of six players, each competing for the bragging rights. The game has a variety of hero characters from which each player can select. The heroes are equipped with different skills such as speed and strength. A player is allowed to change characters after the game ends. Overwatch promotes team competition among players.