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Online Games That The Whole Family Can Enjoy

There are many ways in which a family can bond and have fun together, which include engaging in online games. There are a variety of online games that are suitable for all age groups. Here are some games that you can enjoy as a family:

Wheel of Fortune

If your family likes puzzles, this is one online game they will find to be fun. The game, which is now available on mobile devices, was inspired by the popular Show on TV that shares the same name. Every family member can play it as it involves spinning the wheel and solving the puzzle on the spot where the wheel stops.

joshua hoehne c jTL24e50c unsplash - Online Games That The Whole Family Can Enjoy


There is an online version of the popular Monopoly game for everyone to enjoy. It is now available for smartphones and tablets. The game is played by rolling dice and players strive to become ‘rich’ by acquiring property. The game is easy to learn and can be played even by the younger family members.

Boggle with Friends

Not only is the game enjoyable but it is also an excellent way of learning new words, especially for the school-going children. The game starts off by shuffling the board and all participants are challenged to find suitable combinations of words.

These are a few examples of online games that your family can enjoy. You only need to ensure you don’t spend too much time playing at the expense of other essential activities.

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